LSI was founded in March 1994 by Dr. Brian F Studd, providing non-ferrous metal, ferro-alloys and metal concentrates commercial settlement assays to miners, producers, traders and end consumers. LSI was the first non-British laboratory to be listed by the London Metal Exchange (LME) in 1998 and now serves over 200 clients worldwide.
Since the 1st of July 2017 we are also listed by the Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA)
In 2012 Intertek , a leading provider of quality assurance, testing , inspection  and certification acquired LSI.

Combining the high quality commercial settlement analytical services from the LSI laboratory in Rotterdam with the global inspections services of the Intertek network is the basis of our strong global minerals team.


There is a consistent theme running through the short history of LSI: the company has never stood still. LSI has always sought to improve technical standards by method development based on experiences with ever changing materials, matrices and products as well as new testing equipment.

This process also involves creating the capacity to meet international  standards and specifications. Often these are stipulated in contracts in which Intertek- LSI plays a role either as a representative (or “party”) or as Umpire laboratory.

LSI is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory (L 545) – a high quality standard in the laboratory business. Where other ISO certificates are limited to general management systems, ISO 17025 also relates to the quality of the determinations and measurements and certifies the competence of the laboratory to produce valid (accurate and reliable) results.

Intertek-LSI has never lacked imagination and has never been afraid to invest in people, equipment and the future. The future starts tomorrow.