Modern set of instruments

Whether it is about determining the purity of a metal or to determine a low concentration of impurities in an ore, Intertek-LSI analyzes almost every element from the Periodic Table. For this – Intertek-LSI has a wide range of techniques and instruments , operated by skilled and experienced chemists.

Amongst the high-tech set of instruments is the newest model X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer. It is used for elemental analysis in solid or fused samples.

After dissolving a sample in acids, minor and major metals and non-metals can be determined by an Inductive Coupled Plasma  (ICP) spectrometer. On this technique ICP-MS is a very good addition. It couples the advantage of an ICP to a very sensitive Mass Spectrometer (MS) leading to progressively lower detection limits.

Classical procedures

A number of measurements can be done instrumentally. Nevertheless, there are situations where the most reliable is the classical , wet chemical method. The laboratory of Intertek-LSI is excellently equipped to do all wet chemical analysis and these activities remain an important part of the package.

Fire Assay

An exceptional discipline is the Fire-Assay, a classical chemical process for the determination of precious metals, especially applied to ores and concentrates from the mining industry. Intertek-LSI is equipped with smelting and cupellation furnaces and related equipment to determine the value of Gold. Silver, Platinum, Palladium etc. The process of Fire Assay requires a certain skill and therefore it is performed at only a few laboratories.